How to Make Smart Business Decisions

In business, the smart model of decision-making is an important concept for drawing conclusions. You might have heard about this model in which the “S” stands for specific or significant information, the “M” is for measurable or meaningful data, the “A” is for agreed-upon or actionable intelligence, as well as achievable standards, the “R” is for relevant information, as well as realistic goals, and the “T” is for time, as in the amount of time needed to make decisions and reach goals. But how could you use this concept in your business to grow even faster? In this article, I’ll show you how you can apply the SMART method in the form of 5 keys to making smart business decisions.

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The origin of Formaloo: An interview with two of Formaloo’s co-founders

In this episode, Annika interviews two of Formaloo’s four co-founders, Farokh Shahabi & Mehrnoosh Barartpour, about why they started Formaloo in the first place and what are their plan for the future of Formaloo. 

In this episode, Formaloo’s co-founders talk about how they want to change the future of data analytics and how did they turn this into a successful and growing business. 

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