How Formaloo uses Formaloo to Increase Revenue and Monthly Active Users

We get asked these questions a lot: “How does the Formaloo analyze their own clients? How does Formaloo use Formaloo to increase revenue and monthly active users?”

Our goal here is to explain how we analyze our customers’ behaviors, study their traits, and increase our customer engagement, our monthly active users, and our monthly recurring revenue. We’ll highlight our challenges and explain how we overcame them using our own solutions in order to grow faster.

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What is a Customer Data Platform?

We’re living in a world where customers interact with every brand through various channels. It may be through the website, social media, support helpdesk, blog, online reviews, ads, emails, etc. How can brands keep up with all these customer touchpoints? How can they build a unified customer experience through every touchpoint? It happens with a Customer Data Platform or CDP. Customer Data Platforms deliver a unique, unified view into your customers’ minds and needs. But how? Read on to learn more.

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