Formaloo API

Formaloo is one of the world’s most advanced data collection & data analysis tools that help thousands of businesses every day. Hundreds of startups and online businesses use Formaloo API to develop their own unique solutions and reduce their product development costs up to 95%.

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Here you’ll find everything you need to interact with our platform:

Authentication API

Data Collection API

Customer Insights API

DataFlow API

Why Formaloo APIs

With our APIs and developer tools, you can develop anything you want and use Formaloo powerful engine at the back. hundreds of enterprises, SMEs & startups use Formaloo APIs to develop their own amazing products with significant time & cost reduction in product development & enterprise-grade security measurment.

With Formaloo APIs, enterprises and businesses that are active in many advanced fields such as data collection, data analysis, market research, e-commerce, fintech & e-learning, can develop every segment of their product with Formaloo APIs and enjoy an average 78% optimization both in their time and expenses.

1. Find the API Key

You can find your API key in your profile section in your own dashboard. Formaloo uses enterprise-grade security measurements to ensure the security of your data and your connections.

2. Workflow Automation & Integrations

You can use Formaloo APIs to create any workflow automation in your company, no matter how advanced. With Formaloo’s behavioral tracking & other APIs, you can have smart workflow automation that is designed exactly as you want and do the job automatically for you to optimize your organization.

You can also create new integrations and connect Formaloo to every software or SaaS that you use in your company.

3. Develop Formaloo Apps

You can develop your custom apps based on Formaloo with Formaloo APIs and offer it to thousands of companies that use Formaloo every day.

Earn money by offering customized and personalized apps that you developed or even connect your apps to Formaloo integrations and grow faster.